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Signs of God

A few years ago I was sitting in a Chinese Restaurant waiting for my Faithtake out order to be completed. As I waited, I sat gazing out the window at a building across the street. Much of the signage lay obscured behind trees however a small portion remained easily visible.

The viewable portion read 666 and it’s a number I see all too frequently for comfort.

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In loving memory of my Dear Uncle Peter

This is the story of a truly remarkable man and the loving memories I cherish.

People come and go in our lives few ever leaving residual positivity.

In truth Peter didn’t do this either. Instead he somehow managed to inject so much more into the soul leaving something behind tending these residuals.

It’s the blessedness in reflection and what I felt when basking in his light that writes this story.

He never once failed to exude a sense I was of highest priority, even when in a group. How he did this defies any reasoning and is near impossible to explain.

In essence, I suppose, if a miracle can take human form it did so through him.

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Tobacco Facts

Every once in a while I jump on my high horse and start preachingHealth
the dangers of tobacco to any poor sap who feels like listening.

In truth, I don’t really care if you feel like listening, you smoke, I preach, you smoke around kids, I preach louder.

Smoking is bad enough but smoking around children means you clearly don’t know the facts of what tobacco is doing to those around you.

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Why women smell good

HealthAt the first signs of sweat the average male can smell like fresh cat feces rolled in rotten cabbage yet women can literally be melting and still smell good.

Don’t believe me, skip the shower for the day and have your better half do the same. Which one of you smells like a freshly manured field?

My guess is it’s the man.

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