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In loving memory of my Dear Uncle Peter

The Memories

Ever ask someone what they do for a living and hear “I build houses for a living”?

In truth they most likely pour concrete, frame, drywall, roof or occupy some other partial profession.

Uncle Peter actually built the entire house and several of them, it was amazing.

If he didn’t know something he learned it through experimentation and surely near killed himself on more than one occasion.

The way he went about things was sometimes so convoluted it was actually quite comical.

One particular memory I hold dear is the sawmill he built so he could get lumber cheaper. The sawmill was an absolute miracle really but there was always that x factor than never made any sense.

You’d see Uncle in the Control Panel grinning ear to ear while he worked this thing and it was an absolute joy to watch. It truly was astonishing that one man could put together something like this.

Then he’d need to load the thing and he’d do so with a forklift often riding on at least one flat tire.

Honestly the word genius does not encapsulate this man given his methods. Some things he did were so looney it’s difficult at times not to chuckle.

Even in now in writing.

For reasons I cannot fathom he always levelled intelligence by doing something so painfully silly you could read it in a comic book.

…but the almost childlike joy he derived from it was infectious and I always felt blessed to experience even a small part of it.

If there’s one shortfall my Uncle Peter had was his inability to define the line between genius and lunacy.

At least not for me.

There was always something, a piece, never truly fitting the puzzle.

A weird kind of balance that somehow worked.

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