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  4. Understanding Substance Abuse
  5. Talking to your kids about drugs
  6. Has anyone here ever been addicted to something?
  7. Four Years and Counting
  8. How about....talking to your parents about drugs?
  9. Be honest with yourself
  10. ECSTASY....the Lie
  11. Hoisting a few
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  15. My friend that ODed
  16. People that deny a loved one has a problem
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  18. I couldnt stop
  19. Heavier Drinkers Risk Strokes- New Study
  20. Social Drinking -vs- An Alcoholic
  21. I'm on the sauce tonite.
  22. " You aint much fun since I quit drinking"
  23. drinking as a cry for help
  24. alcoholism tests
  25. A Must See Video
  26. Lifesupporters.com Forums Offline (IMPORTANT)
  27. Lifesupporters.com Forums Offline (IMPORTANT)
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  30. Impressed with myself...
  31. Number of children with drug woes on rise
  32. Study toasts free drinks for homeless alcoholics
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  34. A funny joke
  35. I think I'm done
  36. Change of perspective...
  37. i need help
  38. "Is your child using alcohol or drugs" quiz
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  40. Self Quiz: Am I in an Abusive Relationship?
  41. A "Mother's Rage"
  42. Dealing withold issues
  43. Are you happy? Warning signs quiz...
  44. Stockholm Syndrome: The Mystery of Loving an Abuser...
  45. From child abuse to creating sweet memories...
  46. Raising children to Resist Violence...
  47. Life Challenges: Hope and Comfort
  48. Adult Children of Alcoholics - Home life
  49. Facing up to reality
  50. Date Rape and related
  51. Cheese Heroin - A new drug
  52. When witnessing a child being...
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  55. Strangers are treated better
  56. I can smell my ex
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  58. Nanny Cams
  59. Branding...
  60. For ANYONE in an Abusive Relationship
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  62. Dark Family Secrets
  63. DNA test?
  64. From Alcoholic to Person addicted to Alcohol
  65. Reality Nanny TV
  66. Neighbor Abuse
  67. So Many Bullying and Beating Stories
  68. Man holds daughter captive for 24 years
  69. Swarming
  70. Sexual Violence Serious Problem
  71. Fritzl Linked to Murder Case
  72. More On Bullying
  73. Gossip, Rumors, and Other Hurtful Things
  74. Thoughts on Spanking - Pro and Con
  75. Abuse of the Elderly
  76. Study: Pretty Girls Attract Bullies
  77. "Wild" Girls Charged in Three Heists
  78. Someone is threatening to kill my sister
  79. Slapping
  80. When Husbands / Ex-Husbands terrorize
  81. abused
  82. Abusive parent??
  83. my friends are messed up on drugs
  84. Away for the weekend.
  85. Witnessing Abuse
  86. 'Biggest Loser' Trainer Beats 6-year-old boy
  87. Cough Medicine Overdoses Linked to Abuse
  88. What if she's right?
  89. Did I do the right thing?
  90. Bullied Boy Hit Back
  91. Rumors- effected my friend?
  92. Betrayal
  93. Rihanna Injured Photograph Leaked
  94. Teen Bullied Beyond Belief
  95. Help me please, I am hurt and scared
  96. Munchausen By Internet
  97. Oprah Helps Bullied Boy
  98. Dwelling on Mistakes or Good Stuff?
  99. Friend being mentally abused?
  100. Workplace Violence
  101. Some advice please...
  102. Hurting
  103. Verbal/Emotional Abuser
  104. Hello I'm new
  105. Overdose Death
  106. Woman hater
  107. Woman Accused of Biting Off Part of Sister's Nose
  108. Imprisoned Girl Escapes
  109. What is abuse?
  110. More Men Filing Sexual Harassment Claims
  111. Lawsuit Claims Boy Scouts Sex Abuse Coverup
  112. Vatican Halted Trial For Man Accused By Deaf Boys
  113. Documents Detail A Girl's Final Days of Bullying
  114. Bullying: Why Kids Are So Cruel
  115. I Feel Like It's Abuse
  116. Boy Scouts Ordered to Pay $18.5 M
  117. Bullied Girl, 8, Ignored By School
  118. Mean things you've done.
  119. If the cancer does not kill me first...
  120. The Verbally Abusive Partner
  121. Bullying, Cyberbullying and Suicide
  122. Abused and Homeless and Need Help
  123. Father abuses my mothers trust--Cheating & Porn
  124. Abuse in Teen Relationships
  125. Toxic Parents
  126. I can't cope anymore
  127. Abusive Parents, Please Help
  128. Killer Mom Waiting For Jury's Decision
  129. Is this becoming abusive? What should I do?
  130. Please help!
  131. article about suicide note
  132. Can't take another minute
  133. Living with Alcholics in your Family
  134. Overcoming childhood abuse
  135. Help overcoming emotional and a little physical abuse.
  136. Punishing Children with Hot Sauce
  137. Bullied Boy Fights Back Video
  138. Girl Lured to Brawl
  139. My Brother
  140. Dealing with a Non-diagnosised NPD
  141. Jaycee Dugard Kidnapping Story
  142. Verbal Abuse
  143. Causes of Bullying and Parental Intervention
  144. So lost, and scared...
  145. Peoples Hatred for Casey Anthony
  146. Causes and Solutions for Abuse
  147. Married to a drug addict
  148. What on earth can I do?!
  149. I want my parents to divorce.
  150. Concerned parent...At a total loss.
  151. Parents of children with drug addiction
  152. Gay Catholic needs help with Sexual Addiction!
  153. School Bus Monitor Bullied By Kids
  154. adult child seeks support about addicted parents
  155. Drinking Away The Pain
  156. Bullying
  157. Hockey Coach Trips Player Sparks Outrage
  158. Self-destructive sister is abusing family
  159. Drug dealer family member... should I rat?
  160. Good therapy for the abused ? does it exist?
  161. Suicide Due to Bullying Foreshadowed by Video
  162. Am I or am I not? That's the question
  163. Animal Abuse
  164. How do I deal with this woman.
  165. Drugs? help for daughter please
  166. Crossing The Line Towards Addiction
  167. Violent and abusive brother