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  1. Are You Normal?
  2. Health and Safety Behaviours Study
  3. Take the Personality Disorder Test
  4. school project
  5. Survey Creator
  6. Extra Home Money USA Only (Online Verdict)
  7. Interesting Relationship Survey!!
  8. Morals-Social Responsibility Questionnaire
  9. Surveys/Quizzes Forum
  10. Do you take your Partner for Granted...quiz
  11. Fortune Teller Quiz
  12. How Lazy Are you?...quiz
  13. Are you Celebrity Material?...quiz
  14. Are you Naughty or Nice?
  15. What Color is Your Aura?
  16. "Do you speak from the heart?" quiz
  17. Geek Quiz :)
  18. The Love Quiz
  19. What's Your Romance Temperature - quiz
  20. Are You Nice or Mean? Quiz
  21. What is your inner animal?
  22. Are you a Suspicious Lover? quiz
  23. Test Your Zodiac Sign Qualities
  24. Are You Superstitious? quiz
  25. How Well Do You Relate to People? quz
  26. Are You Heart or Mind? Quiz
  27. Are you a Smiley? Quiz
  28. Fun Quiz...Got To Think
  29. Which brain are you, Right or Left? quiz
  30. The Love or Lust Quiz
  31. What Flavour of Pie are You? Quiz
  32. Are You Taking Life for Granted? Quiz
  33. Christmas Carols quiz
  34. R U smart or stoopid?
  35. Funny Definitions for Real Words
  36. Main Page Poll
  37. Am I A Good Listener? Quiz
  38. How Well Do You Know Your Partner? Quiz
  39. What Tree Did You Fall From?
  40. What Cartoon Character Are You?
  41. What Dickens Character Are You?
  42. Which Ice Cream Flavor Are You?
  43. What's Your Current Mood Like? Quiz
  44. The Useless Pointless Senseless Test
  45. Are You a City or Country Lover?
  46. Will You Save Money? Quiz
  47. The Boredom Test - Quiz
  48. Test Your Greediness and Selfishness
  49. Do You Have An Inflated Ego? Quiz
  50. What Dog Breed Are You? Quiz
  51. Are You a Snob? Quiz
  52. How Deep Is Your Love? - Quiz
  53. Will You Go to Heaven or Hell? Quiz
  54. The Fun Person Test Quiz
  55. Wanna Be a Detective? - Quiz
  56. How Excited Are You About Life? quiz
  57. Are You Fighting Stress in the Right Way? Quiz
  58. How Redneck Are You? Quiz
  59. Are You Narcissistic? Quiz
  60. Are You a Day or a Night Person? Quiz
  61. Are You Really Best Friends? Quiz
  62. Do You Love Yourself? Quiz
  63. Are You Short Tempered? Quiz
  64. Are You a Hypochondriac? Quiz
  65. Which Music Suits Your Personality?
  66. Are You a Smart Shopper? Quiz
  67. Does everything happen for a reason?
  68. Do You Make Quick Friends? - Quiz
  69. The Narrow Or Open-Minded Test
  70. How Daring Are You? Quiz
  71. The Angel or Devil Test
  72. What's your Seinfeld Personality?
  73. Downfall Foods
  74. Board games and cards
  75. Coke or Pepsi
  76. Sunlight & Child Development Study
  77. Do You Pamper Your Mind - Quiz
  78. What Does Your Birth Flower Say About You - Quiz
  79. Can You Keep a Secret? - Quiz
  80. Are You Making Big Mistakes/Relationship - Quiz
  81. What Does Your Birth Date Say About You - Quiz
  82. Know Your Spending Style - Quiz
  83. What Does Your Eye Color Say About You?
  84. What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About You?
  85. Do You Make Quick Friends? - Quiz
  86. Small Town or Big City?
  87. How Crazy Is Your Family?