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Over 20 Forum

Guidelines: Yes I hate them too but they have to be in place for everyone's protection.

The Over 20 forum is meant to be a hidden forum for adult discussions and topics that may not be fit for the general public. That being said we still cannot allow links to sites that compromise our Family Friendly Status such as:

* pr0n
* tobacco
* gambling
* hate related
* warez

It is assumed that if you've gained access to this forum you are over the age of 20 years old. If you've been dishonest to gain entry here then you've done so at your own risk. does not promote nor is responsible for any comments made within this forum. All comments are property of the user who posted them for which can not be held liable.

It's a good idea to physically logout from the forums when you've completed your session here as doing so will clear the cookies stores on your computer to remember you. We assume no responsibility should a member of your family, friends, peers, etc., react to the content within this forum.

To gain entry you MUST HAVE a minimum of 20 posts within our forums. Once you've met our minimum criteria please indicate your interest in gaining access in Over 20 Access Request Topic.

Community Chatbox

As of June 15, 2007, we now have our own chat software running at

The nice thing about this chat software is that you do not have to re-register to use it and anyone who is a member here (with a minimum of 5 posts), can join in the chat at anytime. The reason for the 5 post minimum is to help keep bots from spamming up the chat with nefarious content. Even though I'm not 110% sure if this even poses a risk, I'd rather not take any chances.

To use the chat software, simply click on the "MGC Chatbox" dropdown menu in the navigation bar directly above the forums (see image below).

The dropdown menu will provide you with one of two options:

  • View the Chatbox: This option takes you directly to the chat screen.
  • View Archives: This option allows you to see what people have been chatting about for a period of the last 5 days.

All chats are cached for a 5 day period and then automatically deleted via a cron job in vBulletin. This is an automatic setting and can be adjusted should you all feel the record duration should be extended or decreased.

Configuring your Chat: Updated once final version is installed/configured.

Navigate to: User CP/Edit Options: scroll down until you see "Chatbox Options". Here you can adjust your font, font size and color. (Trust me, you'll want to configure your text here because using the chat software text formatting is a pain).

...don't forget to save changes

Chat Usage: Network Chat Window:

bbcode: Used for attaching images, url's or on the fly text formatting.

Smilies: We all know what these are for. Current Smily limit/chat post = 10 smilies.

Entering a Message: Simply enter your message in the message window and hit "Enter" on your keyboard or the "Go" key directly to the right of the message window.

Your membership here means there's no need to do anything to use the chat software. The only requirement of using our software is that you contribute a minimum of 5 posts to the forums (which most of you have done 100X over).

There are a number of great features included with this software such as:

  • Server Load isn't as heavy as with other chat software.
  • Ajax means you don't have to refresh the page to see new input as the screen auto refreshes for you.
  • Ajax refresh rate is configurable.
  • No further registration required. If you are a member here with 5+ posts, you can use the chat software.
  • Chat window can be added to forum index and forum display which means you can browse the forums, reply to topics and still chat with your fellow members. This setting is only used for chat parties due to increase in forum scrolling.
  • Traffic remains onsite instead of on MSN.
  • You can add your input to the chat anytime and it will remain there for a period of 5 days (archived).
  • You can download a CSV, XML or txt version of the chat archive.
  • Username/Rank recognition and usergroup functionality.


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