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Why do new members require special rules?

As much as we hate to do it, we've been forced to create additional rules to govern new users at due to continued abuse of our forums; the most frequent abusers being newly registered users.

Unfortunately, not all new members are created equal as some only register here to exploit our sites page rank, reputation and/or backlinking power. It is these people and/or bots, that are the model these additional rules are created for.

Since we cannot discern who is who upon registration, the need to govern all new members in the same manner became a necessity. The following rules are all based on common sense and are meant to protect our members, our guests, our site and most of all, new members just like you. In other words, if you exercise some common sense, you will flourish at conversely, if you are here only to peddle your warez, you will be gone with no explanation given.

If at any time you have a question, comment or concern, please do not hesitate to post about it in our Suggestion Box.

Rules and Regulations

The following rule set is based on common sense and is in place to protect you, your fellow members, our valued guests and our website. The following only applies to new members of with 10 forum posts or less. Once 10 posts has been achieved the following restrictions are automatically lifted:

The remainder of our forum rules that apply to everyone, can be found here.

Offsite Linking

Offsite Linking refers to any post that directs traffic from to another site. Typically we do not mind when our members link to "external sites" however new users sometimes exploit the system by spamming topics with links to their products/services and or websites (some of which are not exactly "Family Friendly").

Should you post a link in our forums as a new member, your post is automatically configured to wait in a moderating queue for a staff member to accept, reject or delete.

If you are found to be spamming*(see below) our forums with anything that breaks our Official Forum Rules, your account will be frozen and you will be banned from the site both immediately and permanently (without warning).

While we try our utmost to cater to everyones needs, we will not allow people to market either themselves and/or their products or services using as a vehicle.

If you are legitimately interested in backlinking (link swapping) then please submit your site here along with the exact page where a link to can be found on your site. If no backlink to is found on your submitted page, your request for reciprocal link exchange will be denied.

* Spam Policy: Spamming as viewed at is defined as:

  • registering with intent only to market yourself and/or products/services (self promotion).
  • continual posting of links to external sites that have nothing in common with the theme of
  • racial, pornographic, gender biased, and other hate related content.
  • linking to tobacco, drug related, gambling and other nefarious websites.

Private Messaging Restrictions

One industrious fellow felt it would be easier to generate income by "peddling his warez" via our Private Messaging System. What this person failed to realize is that our members are not idiots and they know when something foul is afoot.

For this reason we've limited access to our Private Messaging System to all new members. Essentially new members have a very small PM Quota (2 messages approx.) and this restriction remains in place until each and every new member has reached a 10 forum post minimum.

This is the only way we can ensure that your membership here is not subject to spam by nefarious users.

Community Chatbox Access

After you've reached 5 posts at, you will be able to view our Community Chatbox both at the footer of all topics within our discussion forums and also in it's own window.

The Chatbox was added summer 07 to allow members to chat and get to know each other "real time" much as MSN, AIM, etc. We also hold "Chat Parties" now and then so keep your eyes on the forums because you never know when the next party will happen.

Introduce Yourself

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Forum Policing

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