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    Re: Welcome to our Family

    My name is Susan and I have one lovely little girl. A little about me, well in March I and my daughter survived a roll over crash, we rolled five times and landed upside down. In all honesty after...
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    Re: What Women Look For In a Mate

    Okay.. so here it goes.. don't be mad men..
    I want someone who is kind, intelligent, sense of humor a must, takes care of himself physically, however health issues are no big deal to me, good teeth...
  3. Re: Finding your mate in a lie, plus other information

    So true, about when hunting.. lol lol I was shocked, and knew this, so I took a photo of his texts, emailed them to myself as a reminder. :lol:
    This way, when I get down or miss him, I can just...
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    Re: I need so much help its not even funny.

    This is high conflict, take a deep breath, now think, think back you had signs. This is not your fault, usually one party is more "evil" than the other, (if you will).
    Now, get your head in the game...
  5. Re: Finding your mate in a lie, plus other information

    Thank you for your advice, this is how I felt and I have not discussed what I know with him. I am appalled but grateful I know now before we did move in with each other and have financial...
  6. Finding your mate in a lie, plus other information

    Hello, I am new to the forum and I am newly single after 14 years of marriage and dating the same man for six months. My boyfriend wanted me to clean up his phone and ipad, I asked him to bring it...
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