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    Dilemma About Posting Jokes

    Okay, I get lots of all kinds of jokes in email every day and when I think of posting one, I sit back for a moment or two and think if it may hurt someone or it may be offensive to someone. My friends and I have quite the same sense of humour, so they send me just about everything imaginable.

    I just want to know what kind of jokes offend you as you read this. This is a caring, kind, compassionate Website and I don't want to hurt it or anyone else as it may be sending an opposite message to what Duke is trying to accomplish here.

    Do you find blonde, redneck, lawyer, doctor, etc.jokes offensive?
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    Re: Dilemma About Posting Jokes

    Wow Luba, what a compasionate and caring question. I find blonde jokes offensive. No I'm not blonde. Blonde jokes rate right down at the bottom with racial and ethnic jokes, in my opinion. No way, no how can I find any way for these kinds of jokes to be acceptable. JMO The world is made up of many different kinds of people, you can usually tell some by the company they keep and some by the jokes they tell.

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    Re: Dilemma About Posting Jokes

    I guess I don't have issues with jokes. They are jokes. I am tired of being politically correct all the time. If you don't like it don't read it. That is my opinion. I work in the engineering field and have 4 older brothers. Not much bothers me. I can dish it as well as take it.
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    Re: Dilemma About Posting Jokes

    There just jokes so no reason to worry about it. If someone can't take a joke then they can simply read on somewhere else.
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    Re: Dilemma About Posting Jokes

    I have heard a million jokes and absolutely nothing offends me. I say if a joke has some sort of questionable content, put it the 20 and over section.

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