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Thread: Nekkid Police?

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    Nekkid Police?

    This seems to be just about as good a forum as any to bring up the troubling topic of nude police.

    The city in which I live has many thriving S.O.B.'s, including what our paper calls "thinly veiled" houses of ill repute............. (OK Meanon, before I get any accusations of reading too many Harlequins, I'll just say it bluntly: We gotta lotta Little Hoare Houses). They are usually "Salons."

    It has been common knowledge that our brave men in uniform have tried to curb vice, including the world's oldest profession, with little success mainly because of the happy restriction: They cannot remove their clothes.

    Wise "fallen women" require customers to disrobe before negotiating compensation packages for their services, and undercover cops are identified immediately (apparently, DA, these ladies are willing to forgo business with customers that might simply be shy) when they refuse, upholding the higher ethical standards of the P.D.

    Now the unthinkable has happened: our newly appointed Chief of Police will allow officers to become less "uniformed." Exactly how much they may do to convince prostitutes that they are not cops remains unclear, a secret that obviously will remain secure from the general hoaring population for minutes, perhaps hours after the new standards begin being practiced.

    Is this new policy a good thing??

    Should I have become a police officer?

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    I've always felt kind of iffy about cops having sting operations on prostitutes. I realize that if it were legal, there are lots of problems surrounding it, but to 'entrap' them seems wrong.

    I don't feel the same way when they do this with drug I'm not sure why it bothers me when it comes to prostitution.

    I think it should be more of a 'don't ask - don't tell' policy of dealing with it. I live in an area of two large Navy bases where the prostitution probably cuts down on crime, frustration and almost seems downright patriotic. :wink:

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    prostitution probably cuts down on crime, frustration and almost seems downright patriotic.
    You got my vote.

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