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    If you unexpectedly received $10K out of the blue, what would you do with it? Given the choice to spend it on needed items, saving it, splurging, or making a long awaited purchase that you may not ever be able to afford again, how would you best spend the money?

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    Re: $10,000

    Invest it.

    I am not very wealthy at all, but I make more than I need so; and although $10K would be useful, I have nothing to really spend it on, that would be useful.
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    Re: $10,000

    That is a tough one. Probably put it toward our second mortgage so I can have one less bill to pay sooner. But that wouldn't pay it off so since I have a wedding to pay for I might just use it for that so I don't have any bills from the wedding.
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    Re: $10,000

    Save it for a rainy day. My husband and I live frugally, and for us it's not about buying 'stuff'.
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    Re: $10,000

    I'd put a $1000 into each of my kid's saving accounts, then use the rest to pay off some debt.
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