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    Windows Explorer Crashing

    I'm not sure if anyone here can help me with this issue but I thought I'd post it because we do have a few gamers here.

    As of the past week or so, Windows Explorer has been giving me all sorts of problems. Typically it locks up and gives me the whole "Do you want to report the Error" message even though this function has been disabled in mscofig.

    Computer speed is fine, startup and shutdown are fine, etc., the only issue is Windows Explorer. I even got this message a few times today trying to delete an unused desktop icon using the "Delete" Key. The only way I could actually get rid of it was to drag/drop it to my Recycle Bin.

    I haven't made any major system changes in ages. The only changes I've made in the past few days are to remove my Soundblaster Audigy 2 Soundcard (it would sometimes lose sound when alt + tabbing out of a game), install/configure my AC97 onboard sound (+ BIOS Drivers) as well as install Game Booster in hopes of attaining better framerates for ArmAII.

    Spyware = pretty clean
    Virus' = not yet scanned

    I'm starting to think it may be something with GameBooster but I'm not 110% sure.
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    Re: Windows Explorer Crashing

    I had the same crap happening to me. Sometimes I would even get the critical error in explorer.exe when I am booting up my laptop. Scanned my computer for both spyware and viruses, and nothing showed up. No funky applications installed either.

    Blame MS.
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