This is to pay tribute to everyone who had a hand in helping make this mission what it is. The following is by no means final as I'm not finished the mission just yet

Secure Ortego

Oppositional Forces have taken control of the City of Ortego. Early Intel suggests OPFOR may use Ortego as a home base/jumpoint for repair and re-supply to all ground troops in their bid to take over Southern Sahrani.

At this time, Oppositional Forces rule the sky so air support is out of the question.

Your are tasked with securing the City of Ortego.

Good Luck!

Installation: Place file in C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\Missions
(assuming your ArmA Install is in the default C:\ Drive)

Mods/Scripts/Addons Credits: sorry if I missed someone, my ignorance is not intentional.

• Kronzky's Urban Patrol Script
• Bomb Script: The-KiLLeR, Additional input by SoLo
• Hailo (
• Paritybit
• ArMaTeC
• Eutf-Myke

…I don’t know any of you but this mission wouldn’t work without your excellent scripts.

Additional Credits:

Leimboy: BETA Tester, idea man extraordinaire!
NoTargeT: Beta Tester
Rofly: BETA Tester.
Wapwap: BETA Tester

Thanks for your help guys!!!

…and I’d like to thank you, the player for even loading this mission in the first place!

Kind regards,

Ken (aka Duke) Network Founder

Mission by Duke @ Your Online Family Friendly Personal Support Forum.

“because life isn’t always just fun ‘n games”