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    Forward Supply Point 2

    I've thought long and hard about this for months now because while I do think you both have valid points on the subject it never worked within the confines of the current mission.

    ...that is until now.

    The current mission system assumes two things:
    • - all artillery zones have been pre-sighted
      - artillery spotters are present throughout each zone

    The problem with the above theory is that you can clear the front line and surrounding area and still be hit by artillery even if just some random grunt is patrolling the area and happens to spot any enemy forces. This is actually a gaping loophole in the current mission and completely unrealistic.

    The other thing that's been bothering me is the "Hill" Objective because even though the Mission screen tells you to capture it first, there really is no benefit to doing so.

    I think I've figured out a way to deal with both of these problems while at the same time, adding yet another forward spawn point much closer to Ortego (North Road Point ONLY).

    All artillery will now rely soley on the presence of a pre-defined artillery spotter (likely a sniper). Since the only way to get a good view of the battlefield is height, these spotters will be placed at the high points in Ortego meaning the Hill (objective) and the Hill (North West Road).

    Front Line Artillery:

    Stage 1:

    Artillery will now be present along the front lines of Ortego until the spotter is killed (which will be the only way to complete the Hill Objective). Once this sniper/spotter has been killed the front line artillery will no longer be activated regardless of BLUFOR presence.

    This will be the first major change to the artillery structure along the front line, the second will be duration. I know you guys may not be happy with the length of artillery but there's not much that can be done about it because artillery is a barrage, never simply a few shells then all is well. For this reason the artillery barrages will be offset dramatically however of the two stage barrage, stage 1 will be lengthened substantially.

    What this means is artillery will taper off but not abruptly end as it does currently. I hate the fact that we go from a heavy barrage to all's quiet during battle, it's completely unrealistic and I believe it does nothing but detract from the authenticity I'm striving for. As you know Leimboy adjusting artillery values to work as desired is a long process so I'd expect at least 2 or 3 more Alpha's because of it.

    Stage 2 of this change will see each pre-defined front line artillery zone with their own sniper/spotter calling it in. This means you'll always have to keep an eye on the taller structures to find where the spotter is calling artillery from. Unfortunately making this a random value is something beyond my skills so the only thing I can do is pre-define where the spotter is and make sure he's well protected.

    All sniper/spotters will be supplied with binoculars (if they don't have them already) and will be protected by well placed static machine gun emplacements. None of these objectives will be obvious because the mission assumes our Intel is dodgy so there's no believable scenario that would allow BLUFOR to have prior knowledge of either the artillery screens or the spotter system.

    Forward Re-supply #2 will be implemented either in Stage 1 or Stage 2 as time will delegate when I can get it working.

    City Artillery:

    This will all be called by a spotter placed on the Hill to the East or Ortego. This is a perfect spot for a spotter to see all of Ortego from so as long as he lives, all city artillery barrages will still be triggered as normal.

    All City Artillery barrages will be dialed in closer to the objective triggering them so friendly fire should drop considerably.


    The only way BLUFOR forces can believably capture a closer forward re-supply area is when the North of Ortego is completely clear. For this reason, both sniper/spotters will need to be KIA prior to the new spawn point being activated. Also, city artillery zones may overlap so killing one spotter may or may not be neutralized, all will depend on line of sight which I'll personally determine by manning the position in testing.

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    Re: Forward Supply Point 2

    Quote Originally Posted by Leimboy
    I think you thought this well through Duke! Very good points and the new artillery setup sounds very exciting.
    It's a nice twist to have dedicated spotters for the artillery - as it should be in real life.
    A thought to randomize the spotters somewhat:
    how about setting up one spotter for each zone that will guaranteed be there when the mission starts. Then add one or two spotters to each zone at different places but with a probability to spawn at 50 or 75%. That way you have a somewhat randomized position and number of snipers to take out before a zone is cleared. When none of the spotters are present on the map then the zone is clear. What do you think?
    I had to do it in the manner I did because I still have not figured out how to spawn players after a mission has started. Adding a probability of spawn percentage will only delay the mission further (as it is BETA is approx. 8 - 10 weeks behind schedule) without adding too much to the mission overall.

    Right now you both have mission insight because I'm giving you hints on where things are and what needs to be done to trigger what; new players will have no such luxury. I'd expect this mission to still have a completely random feel for at least 6 - 10 replays which is better than any other mission I've played online to date.

    If I can figure out how to set a probability of spawn random value then I'll give it a go but for now it really falls low on my "To Do" List.
    My Daughter Rules!

    Band of Others: Are you a Gamer looking for a home, look no more bro! Confronting fears, phobias, and panic attacks, in a friendly online community.

    Movie Talk: Like discussing movies, tv and streaming media, well so do we.

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