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Thread: Road to Gvozdno

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    Road to Gvozdno

    Road to Gvozdno is a small MP Mission that will have players join in as US Soldiers ordered to check out a suspected tank repair facility in the small town of Gvozdno.

    Road to Gvozdno will be a squad based mission meaning players will always play alongside AI in completing objectives. There will be a multitude of role choices but at no time will there be a choice to command or lead a squad as the AI is scripted to a particular mission hierarchy that players will not be aware of.

    If Gvozdno is captured prior to all player spots being utilized, BLUFOR will win and complete the objective.

    If Gvozdno is not captured prior to all player spots being utilized, OPFOR will win and the mission will be dubbed a failure.
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    Re: Road to Gvozdno

    The graphics of this game are very good, and each level of the game is something new and innovative. I like to play this game very much. This game is very interesting. This mission is hard to play.

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