I learned a lot from spinning my wheels continually in Secure Ortego so I hope this knowledge will make for a much improved testing model than previous. I've created a set of parameters that will list the mission status in the mission status filename so as to avoid confusion in testing.

Mission Filename Parameters:

Mission Name _ Game Mode _ Build _ Version .Mapname

Mission Name: This is the name of your mission. It's always best to put name first which makes it much easier to find the latest build in your mission folder.

Game Mode: Editor Based (EB), Single Player (SP), Multi Player (MP)

I've added this because jumping to Multiplayer immediately caused most of the headaches in Secure Ortego. I'm currently not sure if Single Player will ever be utilized so it's in there just in case for now.


Version: Version #s will always start at 0.1 and work there way up to 1.0 and beyond; hopefully not too far beyond though

.Mapname: This signifies where the map is played; Utes, Chernarus, or Custom (Third Party Map).


Due to ArmA's inability to properly read spaces or special characters in filenames, everything including version #'s will need to be created via _ The only exception to this is the .Mapname which ArmA2 adds automatically.

For example:


Mission Name: Road_to_Gvozdno
Editor Based:_EB

Bold Green Text will signify ready to download/test status.

Lastly, I'm currently using addons which I'll list and link to when posting details of the mission. I'm hoping to not have any addon dependencies in any missions UNLESS then offer undeniable core enhancements to the overall gaming experience.