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    Small Town or Big City?

    Do you prefer the slower pace, laid back lifestyle and comparatively quiet atmosphere of a small town or do you prefer the hustle and bustle, heavy activity of a big city?

    Also, have you always been this way or have your preferences changed with age, please elaborate.
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    Re: Small Town or Big City?

    Both have serious pros and cons.

    Small town: the quiet.
    Big City: some of the added bonuses (concert venues, historical sites, etc.).

    Overall, since I am not an outgoing person, I'd probably prefer living in a small town (100 000 people or so?)
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    Re: Small Town or Big City?

    Where I live and work the population is around 34,000. The "Big City" is 35 miles away (about and hour drive - the traffic sucks). Would not have it any other way.

    It's still small enough that if you live and are able to work here, you get to know a lot of people which is good and bad. More than half the residents commute to the "Big City" but there is a great sense of community here also.

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    Re: Small Town or Big City?

    I grew up in a small area then moved to California than back to the small town I grew up in to go to college. After I graduated I moved back to California because that is where the work was. Lived there for 4 years after college and when I was pregnant with my first one, I got laid off. We decided that that wasn't the place we wanted to live and raise a family, too big, too many people, too much crime. We found this little town we live in now which is near bigger areas if you want to drive but I prefer to just stay right here. Well, actually I want to move back to the area I grew up in but it is still small and I like that.
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    Re: Small Town or Big City?

    Love the small town life, wouldn't mind moving to an even smaller place where life is even slower. However, with our Sons and Granddaughters living in the big city, would Love to be there, too, so I could see them more often; as much as they would allow.
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    Re: Small Town or Big City?

    Up until about the past few years, I've loved living in a big city, but I'm tired of it now and would love to at least have a small get away to go to in the mountains.

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