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    Employee Layoffs

    Over the last year or so, our company has been laying off employees left, right and center. To date I'm willing to bet we've had at least 10 or 12 employee layoffs in the production area yet little to no layoffs in the sales, csr, purchasing, payroll, management end yet some of them sit around twiddling their thumbs even when we're swamped.

    Because of this, it's next to impossible to take holidays as one missing production worker means chaos and translates into jobs not making it out the door in time. It also translates into overtime which I'm not complaining about however, overtime without the opportunity to take days off (vacation) as required is a bit too much.

    Just out of curiosity, has your place of work had employee layoffs and if so, how has it affected your job role?
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    Re: Employee Layoffs

    Well my department is small and we are bare bones already staff wise. We have lots of work and any staff reduction will require someone to decide what no longer needs to be done.

    However, another department is taking mandatory "furlough" (days off that are not paid) days to reduce expenses since revenues are so low. This was done to avoid layoffs and so far so good. If things don't turn around, layoffs will be unavoidable. It doesn't affect me directly but our customers will suffer.
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    Re: Employee Layoffs

    My company seems to be doing fine so far. As long as we have government contracts to work on we will have jobs. People are quitting a little more than usual but then our company is being a jerk in the management department.
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