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    weekly menu cheaper to do?

    does anyone here make a weekly menu for their dinners to save money?

    i cook dinner every night for me, my husband and our roommate, i plan what we're going to have for 2 weeks, work out what i need for each meal and make a grocery list out of that, then i post the menu up on the fridge for the guys to look at.

    then i add things to the grocery list like what they would eat for lunch and breakfast, plus soda and cat and dog food for the animals.

    when i split the grocery bill 3 ways we each pay about $50, thats for 2 weeks worth of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks and pet food.

    I didnt think that was bad at all!

    I also make lots of certain foods and freeze the leftovers so that the guys can have them before work for lunch if they want.

    generally our menu contains things like,

    pizza (once a week)
    chilli with whole grain rice or whole grain crackers
    spaghetti bolonese wih whole grain spaghetti noodles
    bacon wrapped, mozerella stuffed chicken with steak fries
    Chicken parmisan (whole grain pasta)
    chicken and vegetable pies withsteak fries

    we also have salad served with every meal.

    the guys have notice the increase in whole grain foods and salads etc, not to mention the mass amounts of veggies i put in our dishes like tomatoes, green peppers, kidney beans, onions etc but they like it and i feel good about all of us eating good!

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    Re: weekly menu cheaper to do?

    Yes, weekly menus are cheaper to do, my husband and I find. Most every week a big pot of something is made like Borscht, Vegetable Soup, Chili, Chinese Hash, Chinese food, Stew, Casseroles or Steak cut into just over bite size pieces to make Swiss Steak that can last three days. In between these weeks we have a huge macaroni, potato, or vegetable salad. It really does save on cash if you don't mind not changing meals every single day. It also helps to save on time as these meals can be just heated up for a few moments, and you can have more time to play with your beautiful baby!
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    Re: weekly menu cheaper to do?

    yes and its so good to make a lot of something because it takes 5 minutes to heat it back up again and instant meals like that are so useful when looking after a baby, and its not the nasty no-nutritional tv frozen dinners that grocery stores sell.

    its important to me to eat healthy now because i breastfeed and what i eat he eats, if i want himt o get the best start its my job to ensure that.

    I figured if i eat healthier though so is everyone else that eats with me, when i cook for me, keith and chris ive seen a change in energy already in both of them.

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    Re: weekly menu cheaper to do?

    I don't do a lot of cooking for the week simply because I'm a craving eater, I only eat what I crave when I crave it. This is why I only cook a few things in quantity such as chicken and chili as they both seem to be things I can eat for a few days. Everything else I make I make as I want it.
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    Re: weekly menu cheaper to do?

    those foods sound really good.

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    Re: weekly menu cheaper to do?

    My wife and I were discussing this today too. We need to cut our supermarket bill, at the moment it accounts for about 36% of all of our costs and we are just not earning enough money at the moment to cover all our costs. Eating into savings every month. Decided to start planning, and only buying what we absolutely need to cook a meal.

    Not started yet, but hope to start eliminating waste completely and cutting out most luxury items (and by luxury I mean things like more expensive cheese and biscuits, not caviar and champagne!)

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