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    Overcoming Phobias

    I've always had a problem with heights but it never turned into what I'd consider a full blown phobia until I started travelling throughout the US and Canada when in Sales a number of years ago.

    What made my fear of heights so bad was a combination of the Beechcraft 1000 and landing in Iowa a number of times. The air pockets can get so bad that you can literally plunge several hundred feet and then shoot back up as quickly. Normally this wouldn't be too bad but when you're on approach and only a few hundred feet above ground it starts to get dicey.

    I've literally seen watched in wide eyed horror as we set for landing with the runway close to a 90° angle from my passenger window. I know these flights are responsible for my fear of heights becoming more than fear.

    Anyway, the other day I had to get materials stacked on a skid a good 20' from the ground. All I had was one of those rolling ladders below me and as safe as they are, I couldn't shake the feeling I was in peril. I started to sweat, vision blurred, my hear was in my chest, etc. I must have looked bad because my co-worker offered to take over but I needed to deal with the phobia.

    I did manage to get everything I needed down because I didn't want to fall victim to this phobia but I do know that this small victory did not help me in the battle.

    Do you have any fears or phobias that literally paralyze you and if so, what do you do to deal with them?

    Also, have you ever had a phobia you were able to overcome completely?
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    Re: Overcoming Phobias

    Not that I know. I do experience absolute horror when being shown blood or injuries, even when obviously fake (House MD, your average crimeprogram). I am sure that in real life, that may come back and haunt me..
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    Re: Overcoming Phobias

    I have a phobia about heights as well starting in childhood and haven't overcome it. I get very anxious if I have to step on the top rung of a step ladder.
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    Re: Overcoming Phobias

    I don’t care much for heights either. Flying doesn’t bother me at all however and the more turbulence the better. Sorry. It’s kinda fun when the plane bounces around. I sat next to a woman a couple years ago on a short flight to and from Sacramento and she really didn’t like flying. I ended up talking to her a bit and seemed like I was helping her keep calm. Turned out we were both headed there to work the sportsman show and then we were also from the town. Small world. (side bar )
    I don’t care for ladders especially when I have to be 15 or so feet off the ground on a flimsy wood or aluminum ladder. I can do it though if I have to. A couple of years ago I painted my house. It’s only a single story but it has vaulted ceiling and the peak is about 25 feet up. I’m too cheap to hire it out so I just did it. Boy I really didn’t like that part of the job.
    When I was little kid (3 or 4) I was afraid of water…go figure. I was in the apartment pool and some kids jump on top of me and I almost drowned (I didn’t know how to swim). It wasn’t until I was 9 or 10 that learned how to swim and turned into a fish.
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    Re: Overcoming Phobias

    My main phobia is driving across a bridge that goes over water. Heights are up there too. Haven't overcome them, just try to ignore them or keep myself occupied some way.
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    Re: Overcoming Phobias

    I have several fears, but only one that causes serious anxiety. I have a very difficult time riding in a car that's driving close to a cliff. Bridges used to be bad also, but I've had to go over so many that it isn't as severe anymore. It started when I had a series of dreams where I plummeted to my death while in a vehicle. There's been at least seven, and I die in my dream every time. I never wake up before I hit bottom. So, cliffs bother me very much.

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    Re: Overcoming Phobias

    I have the phobia of snakes and I freak out badly if anyone gets one near me.I have been like this since I was 6 years old.I have not overcome this and never will.Tried help 3 years ago and did not help.

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