Tiger Woods PR campaign off to shaky start - Yahoo! News

The early reviews are in, and they're not terribly kind.
But what do you expect when Tiger Woods finally bares his soul and we find out he doesn't seem to have one?
The campaign to deliver the world a new, improved Tiger began this week just as all those nasty reminders of what happened a year ago in Florida were about to appear. His public rehabilitation is now officially under way, surely to be followed at some point by some cutesy Nike ads that will enlighten us even further.
Op-ed piece in Newsweek. Radio interview on ESPN. Even a couple of tweets.
And not a clue that Woods even begins to get it at all.
The most miserable year he could ever imagine is about over. He should be shouting in joy that he's survived, even if his golf career may be ruined forever.
Instead he's trying to sell himself to the world in the same calculating way he once sold Nike's golf equipment.
Except this time it won't work.

I found this article quite interesting as it seems he's still not trusted or sincere. A year has passed and his Golf game has certainly suffered as that's all we know for sure, so how do you feel about him now?