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    How can I overcome a life of excuses?

    Excuses may appear very reasonable, but the truth is that, they are the reasons we give for failure.

    “There are thousand excuses for failure, but never a good reason.”
    …..Mark Twain

    Excuses are attempts to hide away:
    --- Inaction
    --- Weakness
    --- Lack of accomplishment
    --- Laziness
    --- Moral failure
    --- Poor conduct

    One of the major road maps to success and change is when we imbibe the mindset of refusing to embrace, accommodate, and tolerate excuses.

    Remove the word “excuse” from your personal vocabulary and treat it as though it does not exist and is a taboo. You will see how active, proficient, successful and accomplished you will be.

    “Rich dad hated excuses. He used to say, Excuses are a dime a dozen. That’s why unsuccessful people have so many excuses”.
    ……Robert Kiyosaki

    Excuses are so cheap that unsuccessful people can afford so much of it – it is just a dime for a dozen.

    The opposite of an excuse is to achieve!

    When achievement is upper most in our heart, there will be no room for excuses. When we are comfortable with making excuses, we will be carefree!

    “One thing we all need to remember is that a little effort is the best replacement for excuses.”
    ….Donald Trump
    Don’t explain excuses, expel them to excel!

    Expel excuses and respect commitment! That is the way forward.

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