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    Where is the perfect church?

    I think most of us are missing it. Some will tell you, I am leaving that church because no one seems to notice my efforts or the Pastor doesn’t care or give me opportunity. Fact is that some of these reasons maybe true, but we should always remember that any church where God has placed us is for a definite purpose.

    We work for God and He alone rewards us accordingly. So I think we should not be quick to jump from one church to another if we have not cleared with God, because He will ask us to account for our services where He has put us. Our rewards are from the works we do for Him faithfully wherever He places us. Enough of church switching, rather lets be more service conscious towards the Lord.

    There is a story about a man who is a perfectionist; he goes around looking for a perfect church where there are no challenges, no mistakes and no troubles to address. He sets off on a mission, looking for the perfect church but could not find any. Every church he saw had one challenge or the other, one problem or the other. So he kept moving from church to church in search of that perfect church.

    One day in his dream he saw the perfect church and rushed in to become a member, but was shocked when he was rejected. He asked why the church will not accept him as a member. He was told the church was just for perfect people and he was not perfect. He was told to go work on himself to be perfect before becoming a member.

    No one is perfect and no church on earth is perfect yet. This is why we keep learning from the word of God daily to mature and grow into the full nature of Christ. We only have to over look the temporary imperfections of one and other and keep fellowshipping together if we must be blessed. The only advice is to seek to improve and make things better wherever God places you, rather than moving away.

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    Re: Where is the perfect church?

    Generally good advice But I don't church hop. I just can't serve in them given my time contraints so I just don't go...for now.

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