1. You must not lose it:
You must not lose courage and you must not lose hope. When courage is lost, ability to carry on is gone. And when hope in life is lost, life becomes boring, uninteresting and literally ceases! Some contemplate suicide at this point.
So never lose both courage and hope; keep hope alive! Change is possible.

2. Make sure you never die!
This is the greatest mistake you can make Ė to die. If you die itís all your fault and you will suffer for it. To die or not is in your hands Ė itís within your control!

The only one death you must not experience is separation from God; it is the real death you must not die! The physical death is inevitable for everyman; it is the horse we will all ride home. The physical death (separation of the body from the spirit) is not within our control but the spiritual death (Separation from God) is within our control, by our decision.

If life is so pleasurable Ė life with God forever is far more pleasurable, peaceful and joyful. Decide never to die by going to Jesus! Jesus says ď And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die, Believeth thou this?Ē (John 11:26)

3. Never cover-up lies!

When you cover-up lies (secret dangerous lies) there are three things that happens:
1. You work against your soul

2. You work against your loved one or neighbor (anyone directly
connected to you or next to you, who may be involved in that matter).

3. You work against your creator - God

There is no lie covered-up that is a secret. There are three persons that know your cover-up (every secret lie or evil); they heard it all, they saw it all because they were all there: 1. You 2. The devil and 3. God
So when you cover-up a secret lie or evil, be sure one of these three persons that know about it, will reveal it to your hurt or punishment, if you donít let go off it early!

So you see, your secret lie or evil is really no secret!

What to do?
1. The only hope in life is to look unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.

2. Give up the lies and embrace the truth. When you know the truth and embrace it, it shall make you free (John 8:32).