Fear has been a long ageless foe of faith. Fear has always been at the base of most negative action that negates confidence and absolute trust in God when we are faced with challenges. Fear lowers self-esteem, erodes confidence and breeds doubt.

Fear is a reaction; reacting in accordance with what we see, hear and perceive that are capable of making us run in confusion and anxiety when it is actually not necessary. But when we can see the other side of possibility God holds for us, we would still be holding unto Him in confidence.

Fear produces an enslaving trust in negative expectations that may not even happen. Fear is really an image, a problem, a situation pulling stunts on the mind but when locked out of the mind, it runs out of ideas on how to get your attention. When fear is allowed into the heart it influences our lives and manifests in our actions and we become intimidated and harassed by it.

This is a suited acronym for fear:

F - False
E - Evidence
A - Appearing
R - Real

Faith is the complete opposite of fear. It is action: Acting on God's word. It is expectation born by awareness and firm by assurance. It only comes by hearing the word of God, which brings you awareness of what has been provided and made available before circumstances.

Faith could be described in many ways: It is obedience to what God says; it is a response to what God has done and not what He is going to do. Faith is persistent hope amidst a seemingly hopeless hope, which holds unto evidence seen through God's light (see Romans 4:18-21). Faith is the potent cure for fear.

The acronym for faith is:

F - Following
A - After
I - Inner
T - Truth
H - Hoped

There is an inner truth about every situation that you should always search for. This is why the Bible says: "and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free" (John 8:32). The truth is actually what God's word says about any situation.

Fear comes to the mind to agitate it, as you keep thinking on things that fuel it. Faith also comes to the mind to stabilize it as you hear the word of God and remember the positive things that are possible in your situation. Both fear and faith come into the mind with a mission. Which one will you allow to rule your mind and dictate your actions?

Faith builds confidence, courage, hope and self-esteem. And confidence is the electricity that powers everyday progress and achievement. So without strong and deep faith in the truth you know, hear or see, you can't build confidence and suppress fear. The fear of failure, fear of the future and fear of things we are not sure about or thinks we can't do are all curable by developing faith and deep confidence in God's ability within us and all around us.

When fear knocks and faith opens, you'll be surprised no one would be at the door because fear cannot withstand faith. Faith is the cure for fear! There is a sure potent cure for fear; faith in the word of God that does not fail. So you just must endeavor to build faith around the truth you know, hear and can see! That will bring in the confidence that will eliminate fear.

When you venture into the things you feared, you'll discover they are really not worth fearing. Action dismisses fear and faith is taking action towards what you feared! The potency of faith in any situation cannot be doubted. It is simply a solution creator you need to strongly develop.