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    What's the hardest interview you have ever had

    I've never met someone who went into an interview without at least a little nervousness. The hardest interview I've ever far was an interview for a police officer, which is a process I'm going through right now. For those of you who have never sat in a police interview in short its a panel of about 5 people, sometimes more, never less. You sit in front of them sometimes at a table, sometimes just a chair. It usually lasts about 20 minutes and they have pre written questions that they ask everyone. usually there are about 400 application submitted for 1 position, sometimes 2. sometimes, no positions at all, just a list. they narrow that list down to about 30 people and from there they take 1. The most stressful interview I've EVER had was they took 7 people in at once. they asked each person the same question. you had exactly 1 minute to think about your answer and exactly 2 minutes to answer. Each person had to go first, and each person went last. We were all identified by a color and had to hold on to a color piece of paper, by the end of the interview there were sweaty finger prints on all of the peoples pieces of paper. It was horrible.

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    Re: What's the hardest interview you have ever had

    My goodness, talk about the pressure you were under, tradke.

    I've had interviews where I was nervous, but nothing came close to what you had to endure!

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    Re: What's the hardest interview you have ever had

    The one where I accidentally ended up being interviewed by the RAF. It wasn't hard exactly, just very weird.

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