God's voice is determined by the directions we can see He is leading us. The dreams and visions He shows us and the gentle still voice of His Spirit that we can hear. Above all, before we came into this world, God spoke into everyman's life and this is clearly seen and audibly heard by the way each individual has been wired and packaged for the mission "earth."

Explore talent and find it's the voice of God speaking to you, on what you were equipped with for your mission to the earth. This is why it is very pertinent for everyone to discover what his mission actually is. Before we arrived to the planet earth, there was a plan, an agenda and a definite project to be accomplished by everyone, to form the necessary integral part of a larger plan for human existence, contributed into by everyone who realizes his or her mission for existence.

You didn't come to this earth as a spectator, a loafer or a vagabond. You came with a lot of preparations for the assignment set before you. No one came to this world as a mistake; it's only parents that make mistakes, maybe in relationships or in the conception of a baby. But for everyone born into this world, regardless of circumstances, there is no mistake about coming or is there anyone born without God's expectation. This is why God prepared everyone with gifts and talents to be able to go through life and fulfill our assignments.

Believe it, if you think you've never heard God's voice before, then explore and look at the talents and natural endowments you have - they are God's voice telling you and pointing you to a direction. There is something these talents and gifts you posses are telling you. Don't ignore them.

Your gifts and talents are the treasures hidden in you. But one thing you must know is that a treasure is always of great value and most times it is not an easy find. This is how the creator has made it. Gold, Diamond, Crude oil and other valuable mineral resources are explored before they are exploited. Nothing precious comes cheap; it must be searched out and dug out. So you must search out the talents and gifts hidden in you - it is your responsibility to do this, although people who watch you closely could also spot them in you.

For you to be valuable as a treasure, you have to discover and recover your hidden talents and gifting, then polish them and offer them for use in the most conducive environment. A conducive environment, is the natural place your talents and gifts will thrive better and bless the lives of others as it brings you joy, satisfaction and value. Don't put your talents in environments where they will not grow. It will be a waste.
Neglecting the voice of God in your life - that is your talent and gifting may produce or lead to a difficult, unsatisfactory and unfulfilled life, with inner emptiness, despite actively doing other things or pursuing a different project far from your destined path. It is not about being busy; it is about being on the right path or track.

You can know what your destiny or mission in life is, by: 1) The inner joy the things you do bring you when you do them for people. 2) You simply come alive whenever you are about some things. 3) You don't get bored doing some particular things, you so love doing them as it keeps others satisfied, even when you are doing it not just because of money as the primary motive.

Your talent is God's voice. So explore your talent and discover it, use it and completely unleash it, there are people waiting to benefit from it. To become a shining star, the potential lies within your talent and gifting. Don't neglect what you have been freely equipped with from inside and start running around on the outside. You must have to discover it, so you can begin to make a recovery.