Change to a different level, change to a new life and change for better accomplishments are at the center of thought for any rational being. As we all know, change could be negative or positive, it all depends on you. Positive changes can only occur when we aid life with right influences. But negative, if we neglect our responsibility to take charge of our lives.

When we do not care about making a change, change itself continues to take its toll on us because change is constant. It happens either negatively or positively, whether you like it or not. When you do nothing worthwhile about your life - you remain at the mercies of circumstances or at most become circumstance made, which is not what we would desire normally.

There are three factors of change to note before exploring the inevitable steps to it:

i) Change is constant - It keeps occurring in all facets of life whether we like it or not.

ii) Change is inevitable - You can't avoid changes in life. You must keep growing; environments keep changing and life changes. Have you ever considered stopping your hair, finger nails and age from growing? You can't, they must keep changing.

iii) Change is a measure - It measures to show whether you are progressing, stagnant or growing. It even measures to show whether you are saved or not.

"Yes you can" is a popular phrase but a right one at that. You have to believe you can make positive changes happen to your life before you begin to contemplate the steps to take, because your change is inevitable, your transformation is achievable, and your bright future is realizable.

Inevitable step 1 to change - DECISION

You can force a horse to the river but you can't force the horse to drink water. You can hear about change and how beautiful it can make life look, but if you don't decide to achieve it or determine to take concrete steps, then it will remain a pipe dream. Your decision to go after change is the beginning process for change. Change must first happen in your mind before you begin to live it out. Your mind is the drawing room for tomorrow's circumstance and so everything begins from there.

Desire for change will drive you towards the ingredients you need to put together to achieve change. Your desire is the only vehicle that will drive you towards change but if you don't have a desire or a picture in your mind about your change, then helping you may become very difficult, if not impossible.


Information is getting knowledge and seeking after understanding. Information is the basic key to reformation. It is your responsibility to search out information that will help and assist your desire for change. There are various places to get information: the internet, seminars, books, the Bible, coaching courses and others. This information acquisition is a self-help effort that must be taken seriously.

People most often are lazy to go for information relevant to their desire for change or are completely ignorant about what to do. Go for information that will help you make positive changes. The great heights that men have attained were achieved by standing on the shoulders of greater men to see further. It is better to learn by example than by experience.
Let your information acquisition translate to wisdom. Wisdom is gaining understanding and applying it.

Step 3 - ACTION

People don't take action. Ever learning but never acting. Overcome every fears of failure and venture boldly into that thing you believe you can achieve. Failing in an attempt does not make you a failure; it means you can try again and do it better. Step out on water and don't be afraid, it might just be a solid ground in disguise. Peter became afraid when Jesus asked him to walk on water and come and he started to sink (Matthew 14:28-30). Uncover your fear and discover your fame, in what you fear is your fame. And remember; only risk takers are progress makers.


Be consistent with the goals before you. Goals are targets, and targets are hit with focus. Consistency and persistence are the two factors that will get you to your target as you maintain focus. No matter how tough, you can out-stand tough times if you determine to and remain persistent.

Many are not consistent and persistent and so don't experience change. They give up too soon and say it's not working. Continue in the right things you are doing - Growth is constant when efforts are right.


God is the fountain of true success. If you must have true success and change, then you cannot achieve that without God being involved in your pursuit. Having acknowledged all the important steps above, God is the real and true change you can experience.

God is the beginning point of every true and life impacting change. When people leave out God and don't depend on him in making changes in life, it becomes a self-limiting effort. Spiritual changes occur first before natural changes. Visions must be seen, dreams and thoughts must be engaged and these are where God most inspire us for true life's transformation. You need to pray and seek God first, if you want true life changes. The principles of Jesus still work!

Many stay the same way because staying the same way is easier, they fear going for change is difficult. But the truth is that,your change is inevitable, your transformation is achievable and your bright future is realizable. All you need are right keys.