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    Unhappy Please help me help my sister.

    Hey guys first time posting here. I'm 24 years old. My younger brother who was 20 yrs old died of a sudden heart issue about a week before my birthday we were very close this was in July of 2011.. we shared a room and we worked together.

    I am trying to stay as strong and positive as I can this has been the toughest time of my life and my families.. now it turns out my sister has to have a valve in her heart replaced due to risk of death. She is going to have surgery in about two weeks. I feel really bad that she has to go through this and I wish it was me instead of her.. I wanted to cry when she told me but I did not want to freak her out even more. -

    What can I do to help her during this process? It must be so scary for her she is 26.. I was thinking about buying her a inspirational book about life and death. But then I don't want to freak her out and impose that she might die. I don't know what to do My brother died infront of me and I don't want to lose my sister too I already feel mentally unstable yet I've dealt with it in a positive way so far taking my anger, stress, sadness, and emotions out in the gym.. but if my sister were to die I don't think I would be able to handle it.

    I feel like my world is crumbling down...

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    Re: Please help me help my sister.

    I think you're doing an excellent job at handling all of this stress going on in your life. I believe you made the right judgment about not getting that book for your sister.

    Doctors can not measure the will to live. There are several people that should not be living right now and the Doctors don't understand why. They are discovering now that positive thought and prayer really does do miraculous things. The best thing you can do for your sister, you are already doing. Just being there for her and telling her she is going to be okay.

    Even if in the back of your mind, you are really scared for her and fear her death - don't let her know it. Let her think that she is going to survive. There's been studies done with patients having more of a survival rate when they have more positive moral support around them. My son, just for an example, is still alive and kicking. He was suppose to die so many years ago that he has made the Medical Journal twice now.

    Keep going to the gym, just don't over do it. It sounds like heart problems may run in your family. You are an important part of your family as well and you need to take care of you too!

    Be well and many blessings to you and yours!

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