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    Dreams about evil

    Maybe dreams isn't the appropriate term here, maybe since there associated with evil nightmares may be the better term.

    For those of you not familiar with this dreams pattern I have now and then, there is another topic outlining the details in Evil Dream.

    Last night I had a new dream about evil and I've lost most of it now in my wakened state but what I can remember was quite frightening.

    This time around I was at home in the bedroom I spent my later years in and evil was all around. Just typing this is actually giving me goosebumps; hopefully that's more due to a chill in the air rather than actual fright but right now I'm not sure I can tell the difference?

    I'm pretty sure it was the devil and possibly a few minions working on me this time around. Even my mother was in this dream, I think because she was to be my God character, pillar of strength or some other sympathetic ally but she was tossed to the side in short order. In fact, she was lifted to the ceiling shortly after entering my bedroom and seeing the shadows envelop me, the contorted faces on the wall and my contorted body.

    At one point, I actually remember swallowing the evil whole thinking that if I took it inside my body, I could protect others from its wrath. This part I'm a bit foggy on because the memory is fading but I do remember being horribly disfigured because of it and someone close to me was suffering mild disfigurements and/or handicaps in my presence.

    This was by far the most troubling dream about evil I've had so far as there was no reason for it to have happened that I'm aware of.
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    Re: Dreams about evil

    No matter how you look at it, it is quite common for parents' to take the role of guardian / protector in a dream; after all that is what parents are for the first part of one's life. Was she still looking on as you struggled with this evil presence?

    As for swallowing evil, that can mean a lot of different things, and the context may be crucial to figure out what the dream really means.

    As for feeling goosebumps when you are typing out such dreams that may be the dream itself, and it may be your subconscious reflection on it. Both are perfectly natural, so I would not really worry too much about it.
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    Re: Dreams about evil

    found this from the dream dictionary online:

    To dream that someone or something is evil denotes a repressed and/or forbidden aspect of yourself. This part of yourself may be seeking recognition and acknowledgment. Alternatively, evil may also be a reflection of your strong, negative emotions like hate, anger, etc.

    if you type dream dictionary in google, you will get several sites that will give you meanings to your dreams.
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    Re: Dreams about evil

    Oh my gosh, Duke, that's totally frightening!
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