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    Dog's Neck Slashed During Grooming


    Grooming can be hazardous to your dog's health, an Ontario dog owner says, after her pet's neck was slashed during a session at a salon.
    “The groomer called and said, ‘I was shaving him and I cut him real bad. You need to come now’,” Shannon Mills told Go Public.
    “I panicked. I wasn’t sure we would be able to get him to a vet before he bled out on the floor. I had never seen an injury like that on an animal before.”
    When she came back, Mills said, she was shocked to find Joey had been completely shaved and suffered a large, open wound in his neck.
    “He had been shaved down so severely … that on parts of his body his skin was actually showing through,” Mills said.
    Dog groomers in Ontario and British Columbia told CBC News that rapid expansion in the the industry has led some shops to cut corners.
    There have been several recent cases in the U.S. and Canada where dogs were apparently shaved too closely by groomers. In one American case, a dog was badly burned after being left alone under a hot dryer.
    In two other cases – one in Seattle, the other in Hawaii – dogs' ears were allegedly cut off and then glued back on by the groomer, presumably in an attempt to cover up what happened.
    Dog's neck slashed in grooming accident - British Columbia - CBC News
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    Re: Dog's Neck Slashed During Grooming

    . I am not a dog person, but yasses!

    That is really unforgivable.
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    Re: Dog's Neck Slashed During Grooming

    OMG!! that's horrible!!! poor dog!! i hope the so called groomer was held responsible and got punished legally for this. this is outrageous! sad
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