So, I am a 26 year old woman, who is starting to realize that my child hood, has caused me to have some pretty big problems in my adult life thus far.

Growing up, I didnt relaize what was happening really between my parents, i just know they asked me to go to the fridge, and grab them a beer, ALOT! They fought, at all hours of the night, sometimes, went out, but didnt come home.. Later grown up, i find my father had been doing some pretty hard drugs and cheating on my mom besides, and that my mother, with as perfect as she led us to believe she was, was doing the same thing.

Once everything came to light, the two of them split, and have been putting myself, and my younger sister through hell with there problems. bringing their druggy and alchie friends, boyfriends, girlfriends around, still always fighting, and yelling, and here more recently blaming us for their problems and yelling at us.

I think i always knew, my parents weren't truly honest with me, and were never really monogomous with each other, and i am starting to think that a lot of my problems with even holding together the simplest of relationships is caused by my upbringing. I have made the first steps in seeking a counselor, and a support group to...well, help me rewire myself from what i always thought was just how life was..

I am hoping to find that support here, maybe. Sorry if I seem like a pity party. this is all VERY new to me. I have never asked for help, or reached out like this before.