I've got serious problems with my ex-wife and 13 year old daughter. The mother has chosen to leave our daughter in the care of 1 person who is an adult on probation for drug related offenses. That person's boyfriend stays over at the house several nights a week and was arrested last month on drug related charges, too, and is due in court next month for that. The problem is that the mother left the country for over a week and didn't even tell me but left our daughter with these people for the whole time. The babysitter (who the mother swear is mature and responsible) threw several parties and has included my daughter in them (beer pong, weed, etc). My daughter's facebook, and the pages printed from the babysitter and boyfriend confirm that they are certainly contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Everyone's facebook's are printed out and clearly show that there is HIGHLY inappropriate and in some instances, illegal, behavior going on. I contacted DCF to report the problems (Tiffany messaging with friends about her party and how drunk she is, friends sending her messages asking her to get them some weed, other inappropriate behavior (like using ooVoo and Meetme.com and giving her contact info to random strangers-- with the babysitter sitting right there with her on the web-cam!). Shannon King of DCF in Osceola County Florida refuses to even look at any evidence and states that if I was not present to see it, then it didn't happen (but had I been present to see Tiffany get drunk or high I think I should be arrested for allowing it!!!). She also ignored the report of physical abuse by the mother even though I had the incident reports from the police where the mother admit's to striking the child in the face and even smacking her in the face with a shoe!. Shannon King would not review the incident reports (and I am appalled the police filed no charges).

The real kicker is that the mother's boyfriend up and left for Honduras...I didn't know about it until my daughter mentioned it once, by accident I think. I asked about why he left and my daughter told me that her mom broke up with him and threw him out when she told her mom that he molested her. Truth is, her mom did not break up with him and was out of the country visiting HIM when Tiffany spent a week getting drunk and high!! My daughter's facebook shows how she felt hurt and betrayed by her mother when she found out where her mom really was. Kicker---- Shannon King won't investigate the allegations.

How do I get help ? No one will help, no one will listen.