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    Ok, so I need a little help with my life.

    Hi, I live in a small town in southern Nebraska. I don't have much to show for my life. I dropped out of high school and I don't know much about the practical means of the education system or how to assert myself into a career path. By this time next year I want to be living in a completely different state either going to school or preforming a meaningful job.

    So my first step is getting my GED. That shouldn't take long at all, my problem is the despair I feel towards the steps after it. I have no idea how to plan every thing out or figure out what to do who to talk to.

    Right now I'm pretty depressed. I should see counselors but I live in the middle of no where with my mother, and my mother is as poor as I am. I don't know how to pick myself up and ready myself for the battle ahead.

    I've been through more then a few jobs. Last year i decided I was going to move in with my mother and save while I furthered my education and then move away. (actually i wasn't even going to move in with my mother until my house was broken into then i was SOL) Then I lost my job, and my long time girlfriend who i'm still not over. I've been through several more jobs and I still haven't motivated myself enough to get all this done. Its sad because if I had i would probably still be with my ex, which breaks my heart even more.

    I'm broke for the most part now, and my possibilities are limited. I feel like i'm strangling here. That I have no escape or reasonable hope for some amount happiness. It depresses me more and more each day that I realize that I'm still living here, and the days go by like quick sand as I reach a new height of despair.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated..

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    Re: Ok, so I need a little help with my life.

    Hiya nonsensical!

    I'm BridgieB, nice to meet ya! Gee, i surely can relate to your emotions. As for an outsider looking in to what you've just said, my best advice is....... take it all in stride, one foot at a time! The first thing you can do is to go get that GED! Go get er done, you will feel better about yourself to have accomplished that, and it is the first step in moving forward. It will give you confidence in yourself. If you choose to further your education somewhere, they have guidance counslers available to help you in choosing your career path. If you choose to jump back in the work force, try to find something that interest you, and you make your job meaningful, it's all in how you choose to look at it.

    I know what you mean though, i been job hopping also, it some rough times out there these days. Hang in there, chin up!

    It's like your lost and you would ask for directions, but ya don't know where ya are going, so sometimes we go in circles until we figure it out.

    Thanks for coming and sharing with us!
    " To thy own self be true..."

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