It's nice to know we can improve a mood with foods that won't add more to the hips. Always looking for a win/win situation.

We all have guilty pleasures; foods that make us feel good for a moment—but very ba-aaaa-d after we’re done. And while it’s fine to have those occasionally, most of the time your goal should be to take in foods that are not only good for you, but also that keep you happier and more alert –in the short- and long-term. The key? Frequently eating foods shown to improve your mood as part of a well-balanced diet, according to registered dietician Elizabeth Somer. (Just adding one goody to an otherwise poor diet won’t cut it.) Somer, the author of Food & Mood and Eat Your Way to Happiness, and other nutrition experts recommend regularly pumping your body with the following 12 mood-boosters.

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