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    Disturbed Family

    Hi to all members, My family is disturb by my Sister's husband that is already in problem. My Brother-in-law & my sister have recently left his house to live in my house, my sister's mother-in-law told my sister to keep staying in my house; my mother got angry what my sister's mother-in-law told, mother discuss angrily about his son-in-law stay; my brother-in-law heard and left without taking my sister.
    So I'm very disturbed of this situation in my house.
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    Re: Disturb Family

    That is a difficult situation to be in. How did it happen? Did your sister and her husband lose a lot of money, struggle to pay rent or the mortgage? Is that how they ended up with you? Then I can well imagine that your brother in law feels stressed, and as if he is a failure. The remarks your mother has made may well have driven the point home to him.

    Such situations can cause great anxiety and stress for everyone involved. Try to reach out to him, and so should your sister. It is very important to reach out to him, and see if this marriage can be fixed - he may feel it is beyond fixing due to your mother's comments.
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    Re: Disturbed Family

    Welcome to Lifesupporters satu. I'm sorry but I've read your original post a number of times and still can't make sense of what the real issue is?

    The only thing I can take away from it is that your inlaws are giving you grief which is pretty typical of inlaws. Typically you just tell them you appreciate their concern but kindly and respectfully also tell them to mind their own business.
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