Hi everyone, just signed up and this place seems great with a lot of smart people! I just wanted to reach out and share a little bit. I'm a homemaker and owner of 7 chihuahuas (yes, 7, I'm the crazy chihuahua lady haha) and am a mother of three grown adults. I have two sons, and a daughter. All of whom I'm very proud of. But, one of my sons was in the Army and served in Iraq. Since he's been out of the Army, he's been dealing with a lot of health issues and the problem of dealing with the government as far as getting the benefits he earned and deserves. I came across a video he made on the computer, it was like a diary page. His therapist recommended that he make it, and I don't think he knew I'd see it. He doesn't like to make me or his dad worry about him, he has never been one to bring up his problems with us. I felt so bad knowing what he has been through and what he lives with now. But there isn't much I can do. I contemplated whether or not to share it, but I felt like I had to try something to help raise his spirits and am asking for help to spread the word. It's something a lot of our veterans are dealing with, and touches home for me because he'll always be my little boy.

You can view the video here Voice of my Wounded Soldier and Son - YouTube

Any little bit of help would mean the world to him, I'm sure. And just spreading the word is all I can try and do, since I can't help him directly. Thank you all!