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    Hi, just joined because so confused and lost. My husband separated this last Friday. He said he needed time away for now. But he then started to talk about a year from now that I may need to move to a cheaper apartment. So that made me think he was not coming back. He goes back and forth and can't make up his mind. So I'm leaving him to be for now but he changed his address already, which I think means not coming back. Then now he has decided to help me fix car/change oil and even get me a job at his work because I stayed home before. I don't know why he'd want to help if he is not coming back. How do you deal w/not knowing if they will ever come home????????????

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    Re: Separated.

    I mean I'm leaving him alone for now which is what he wants.

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    Re: Separated.

    I myself am recently seperated drom my wife of ten years. I feel for you and my wife is doing much the same stuff. It sounds like he's confused emotionally . You need to stop thinking about him and worry about youself. If he changes his mind and comes back, you get to decide if you want him back. It sounds like he's keeping you around as some kind of safety net and that is not ok for you. If he sees you going out and living your life he will realize the time for a difinitive choice is now...Good luck and be strong in yourself.

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