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    Daycare Shooting

    Is this gun violence ever going to end?

    The daycare worker killed in Friday’s double shooting was poised to return to his native France to share what he learned about childcare, police in Gatineau, Que., say.

    Neil Galliou, 38, was identified as the victim of the homicide-suicide that happened at the daycare centre on Rue Gamelin on Friday morning.

    Police told reporters Galliou had been in Canada for about a year, hoping to return home to work with children —particularly in the arts.
    He was shot and killed in 225 Rue Gamelin by Robert Charron, the spouse of the daycare’s director who police confirmed was the gunman.

    They said Charron then went next door to 229 Rue Gamelin, warned daycare workers to get the children out and went to the office. He spread a flammable substance, including on the director, before unsuccessfully trying to start a fire.

    Police said the director managed to escape, and shortly afterward Charron’s body was found with a registered shotgun by his side. They said they’re investigating whether the shotgun was used in both shootings, as well as a note that was left at Charron's home.
    Police identify victim in Gatineau daycare shooting - Ottawa - CBC News
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    Re: Daycare Shooting

    Yikes. Some husband ...
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