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    Ok. Well I have a friend named Sue. She has two sons named Ricky and Bobby and is pregnant again. Ricky is 2 going on 3 and Bobby just turned 1. I've been Sue's friend like 5 years now. She has never treated Ricky the same way she treats Bobby now. If Ricky does something, it's OK but if Bobby does it, he gets the beating of a lifetime. If Ricky takes a nap, he gets to sleep thru it. Let Bobby fall asleep, he get hit. Mind you Bobby is only one. If Ricky gets in trouble, Sue babies him. If Bobby gets in trouble, she beats him for crying. Sue's little cousin, Ellen, told Sue's mother, Mary, that Sue beats Bobby wit a belt. When found this out, she got mad and starting crying and saying that she never hit Bobby wit a belt, which was a lie. To Sue, when Ricky is bad it's so cute but when Bobby is bad it's unacceptable. People get on to her bout hitting Bobby, but she always says "Did you carry him for 9 months? Did you have to lay in 15 hours of labor wit him?" What do I do???

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    Re: Favoritism

    hello rainbow...first thing that comes to mind here is child abuse. this needs to be reported to child services before this child really gets hurt. seems like people have tried talking to her and she's not changing her ways. someone has to be in this poor little baby's corner and protect him from getting beat.

    if it were me, i would report it without a second thought.
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