If you are reading this, I must say, thank you so much

Anyways, I have this friend, she likes me, and I used to like her the day she told me that she likes me, and a few days after that, and I told her that, and I even said to meet me at her house after school that day, but that day, I realized my wrong and I fixed it. I put her down "easy"
That was weeks ago. But about 10 days ago, I asked her if she was like this girl at school (a "loose" girl if you know what I mean) so she replied and said, idk is tht a good or bad thing and when I sent that email, I was a little lusting about her. But now I'm all like ewwww why would I do that. Anyways, I said to her saying that i was just rly curious that day and that I was asking my friends random stuff. but now she's mad at me because i was gone, but it said i was online and she was like talk to mee!!!! because she thought that I was ignoring her. I sent her a bunch of stuff saying that im sorry. I dont know what to do, please, any advice on what to do next?