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    Re: Being the other woman.

    I have, actually. There are a couple of guys who seem nice. I went out with one this past Saturday night. Things got a little carried away and it turned into Sunday morning. He seems super nice, and if I could have created a fella's personality it would be his. (At least what I know of it.) He's not too bad on the eyes either. LOL Though, he works a lot. So I'm not sure where it's going to go at this point. 80-90 hours a week.

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    Re: Being the other woman.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ayla View Post
    as if when we are together we pretend the world outside of that room doesn't exist.
    Firstly, really commend you on your honesty and insight about yourself and guilt, or lack of guilt feelings.

    The above comment from your post indicates a couple of things to me

    Firstly that you are enjoying the "honeymoon" oxytocin "love hormone" stage of your affair. This does not last forever in any relationship.

    That little room is a safe place away from everyday woes, reposibilities, stresses. A longer term marriage, or partnership, becomes tested when people have been living together for a year or two. Who does the dishes? housework? does he take out the garbage, are you both responsible with money and make plans. Not everybody can be in a good mood all day every day. How do you keep emotional intimacy between you without going outside of the relationship? Facing the challenge of growing together and sharing the emotional development in the relationship.

    There could also be the awful fact that you have encountered a "cheater" who will do the same to you one day if the relationship goes forward.

    These are not intended to be judgements on anyones behaviour, but rather to recognize opportunities for growth, or lost opportunities to handling the stumbling blocks in a long term relationship.

    Hope this helps.

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