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    Craaaaaazy dream

    I don't often remember my dreams when I wake up. Maybe a few times a months. Even then, the memory of them is fleeting and usually more of a feeling then actual details. I do occasionally have vivid dreams that eventually come to pass, but that's a whole 'nother thread. LOL

    Anywho, a few nights ago I had this crazy dream that I can't stop thinking about. Like, how you read a really good book and it stays with you a few days afterwords? (I'm not the only one who does that am I?) So, I thought I would share with y'all.

    Alright, so I am at my granny's house. The house had become more of a compound than just a house. Myself, my family, and some friends all lived there. The world was a very different place. Almost, post apocalyptic. Just not quiet Walking Dead bad. Myself and my mom and aunt and my friends are all vampires. Day walker vampires. (No, we didn't sparkle.) It's a mostly happy existence of farming and livestock. Everyone works together and everyone gets a long.

    However, being a daywalker was considered illegal. My mom's friend, Cathy, who lives with us contacts the authorities and notifies them of our location unbeknownst to us. Out of nowhere the poop hits the fan. The house was descended upon by a vampire hunter SWAT team. (The head vampire hunter looks like the "white devil" from O' Brother Where Art Thou?) It's known that the vampire hunter is ruthless and unforgiving so of course us vampires flee. I'm trying to get my daughter out of the house with me but Cathy has her and won't let her go because she says that a young girl doesn't need raised around savage vampires and as I am about to make a move to forcibly take her the hunter busts through the door shooting me with small silver web things. I roar like a mad animal and run out of the back windows.

    I get halfway up the hill behind my granny's house and I turn around and watch the swat team sweeping the yard and house and Cathy is standing in front of the house holding my screaming baby girl. I decide that I cannot leave her and start to head back and my fellow vampires drag me away telling me that I am not any good to my daughter if I'm dead. So I leave, sobbing, because I have no choice.

    After leaving the group of us is standing beside an interstate at an abandoned gas station. I'm trying to use the pay phone to call my ex husband to have him go and get our daughter away from Cathy but I cannot get him to answer the phone. I'm freaking out. I look out on the interstate and there are only small handfuls of cars on it. One lane on both sides consists of packs of people migrating like herds. Like in The Ten Commandments, with packs on their backs. For some reason I notice a small blonde haired boy and he stops and looks at me with cold eyes and he takes off running super fast and I realize he is a child vampire. Several more child vampires take off with him and they snatch a small toddler from it's mothers arms as it's leaving. Somehow I know these child vampires are vampire hunter informants and that I need to leave the area.

    Somehow we end up at a sanctuary where they conceal day walkers and help us to fight the vamp hunters. A girl that I know online, Dobby and her ex bf Acc are the ones who run the joint. She helps us out and puts us in the equivalent of a witness protection program for vampires. For some reason her ex bf's name keeps being told to me. Brayden Everett. (That isn't his real name, but in my dream it is.) I borrow Dobby's phone and call my ex husband and text him that it's urgent and so he calls the number. I tell him what's happened and he refuses to leave work, says she will be fine where she is until he can get there the next day. I'm angry and sobbing and I crush the iphone in my hand. I miss my daughter so badly it was like something sitting on my chest. I try calling my daughter from a safe and untraceable phone but Cathy refuses to let me speak to her and tells me that she told my daughter I am dead and it's better that way. The next day I call my ex husband again but he won't answer but instead sends me a text telling me that he has her but I will never see her again because he is getting them new identities and he will raise her some place I will never find her. I'm crying and calling him leaving messages begging him to let me have her or at least see her but I start getting the recording that the number is disconnected.

    Time lapsed, as it does in dreams, and I am working in a bar as a waitress with my friends working as the cook and bartender and other wait staff. We were in a massive large city in Russia. I'm taking Dobby to get an abortion because she decided that having a baby in the world we lived in was just unfair to the child. (I'm against abortion so this is odd to me.) Dobs and I are walking into the clinic and I see the sheriff from True Blood, Andy Belfluer, sitting in a dark car all slumped down but obviously watching me. I knew the vampire hunters had found me. We go in the clinic and act as if we didn't see him. From inside I call the guy who drove us there and he slips over and snaps the sheriffs neck. That sets off some sort of alarm and we have to leave immediately. Dobby is bleeding and on the verge of death. A friend of mine decides to turn her into a vampire to save her and I am against this because I don't think it's a good life for anyone to have.

    I run out of the bar and am just running up and down random streets at high speeds to blow off some steam. I run by an SUV and I see my daughter in the backseat. Older, but definitely my child. My heart recognizes her. My ex husband is driving. I wait for them to slow down at a red light and I jump into the car. I start kissing my daughters face all over. I am so happy to see her that I'm oblivious. Then I realize in the front passenger seat is the vampire hunter that I've been trying to avoid. I start begging for my life and my daughter is crying super loud and this cold feeling comes over me. I know it's the end. I realize that my ex husband has had this planned all along. I lean over and kiss my daughter again and ask her to calm down and stop crying. I tell her that Mommy will always be in her heart and so I will always be with her. And I ask her to please know that no matter what anyone says I will always love her and she was always the air in my lungs. I kiss her hands and put them over her eyes and when I straighten up the vampire hunter shoots me in the heart with a small crossbow and I look down at it and my body starts turning to dust and crumbling. I close my eyes, and I wake up.

    When I woke up my face was wet with tears and I felt very strange. Like I had woken up in the wrong body. I've carried this dream around for days. Analyzing it. I can't make head nor tails of it. A friend of mine says it's not supposed to have meaning, but that it was a gift and that I should write a book from it. I don't know about all of that. I think all dreams have an underlying mean.


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    Re: Craaaaaazy dream

    Hi Ayla, I'm just checking in for a moment, just want to say when I have more time I'm going to read about your dream. In the meantime, here are a couple of links to Dream Dictionarys that I've scanned a bit. They may be able to help interpret your dream and you can give us more on what you think.

    Dream Dictionary - Analyze Your Dreams

    Dream Moods A-Z Dream Dictionary
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    Re: Craaaaaazy dream

    Honey........ i can't make sense of my own dream's, let alone anyone else's!!!! lol! Greams really are and can be sooooo crazy! I have book's on dream's and try to read them time to time but it's still hard to figure out. I have heard you should keep a dream journal by your bedside and when you wake write them down. Apparently there is more to tell by having it all composed.
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    Re: Craaaaaazy dream

    Okay, so I went to the links you posted Luba. It still doesn't make sense to me as a whole, but here is some of the parts broken down.

    I was a vampire in my dream because I am sucking the life out of someone selfishly. There were other vampires in my dream because apparently I feel like I am being forced into something or am unsure about something sexually.

    Hunting represents my need for advice and the fact that I was killed means I need to take the advice I was given.

    Being chased means I'm running from something.

    That's all general overview stuff. I couldn't really find anything about seeing a specific name. Or country. A lot of my dream that seemed important to me wasn't listed to be decoded. So, I'm really no farther ahead. LOL

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