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Thread: Animal Abuse

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    Animal Abuse

    My goodness...... i watched a sad documentary last night on Netflix called The Whale, i think. It is a story about a baby killer whale that get's lost from his pod, stuck in a bay and eventually dies.

    Luna (killer whale) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    This story rip's my heart apart. Sometimes the human species disappoint's me so..... However i thought that this story makes a good discussion. One thing very unfortunate in the situation is that a privately funded team offered to go get Luna and lead him back to his pod. This was a group of whale researcher's who knew where Luna's family was. The local government shut them down and did a bunch of other ridiculous stuff. This poor baby got lost from his family, was trapped, cried every night, was sooo lonely he began to seek attention from human's, but then human's were told not to interact, then to interact, not to, to do, not to, This poor baby whale was so abused and neglected until his death, which could have been prevented, which is the real sadness behind it all! Orca's are not a species that live alone, they live in a pod very social with their family forever until they die. For Luna to have been so young alone, to find love, companion's again for it to ba taken. When at times the humans abanded him he would start to get into thing's, trouble. There was a man at the end fighting to be allowed to keep a pod of small boat's around Luna to keep him happy and out of trouble but he too was shot down. This had went on for year's this young orca trapped. First i think it should of been reunited with it's family. Why that was not allowed, makes me sick. How could anyone turn their head on the baby trapped crying all alone. It's like taking a human baby, sticking it in the wood's and telling nobody to touch it even when it's crying trying to cling onto you, just walk around it....... then eventually i guess a bear would of eaten the baby? I'm sorry but this is the way i see it, there is no difference in the stories to me. It's fairly black and white. I also get bothered how sometimes some human's act all mighty and powerful like a god, it's sick. Who are we to say how something else should live, or even ourselves? Who are we to think we are above any other creature in exsistance? The balance of respect and understanding is out of proportion in this world.
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    Re: Animal Abuse

    The more I read such stories, the more I'd like to see that incompetence and willful stupidity become criminal offences, for which one can serve long jail terms. This is especially necessary for elected officials, who are SUPPOSED to have a few brain cells to rub together.

    Besides, as a side-effect it might actually encourage honest people to seek office, and also reduce the number of drug lords / other nefarious characters running for them.

    In Kenya, you almost certainly have to be a drug lord before you become eligible to be elected to parliament.
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    Re: Animal Abuse

    I do understand that sometimes you have to let nature take it's course, but sometime's you don't. The most logical anwser was handed to them and they denied it.

    Oh polotics!!!!! Here, there or anywhere....... it's alway's a hot mess!
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