Alright, at my old school, which i live near, there was a fall festival for halloween (this was a while ago), and I went to help with the little games for the younger kids, and I saw a girl that I was good friends with in 6th grade, and she saw me, and i saw her, and we waived, and i came up to her, so we said hi, and all that, and she went to her station and i went to mine, so after everything was done, there was a food court so i got some food, and she got some food, and we sat down and talked for like 3 hours
. In my mind I was like, wow, she is beautiful, and nice and sweet, and the best part is, we played tag I like her so much, and might even 'love' her, but the problem is, she goes to another school than I, which is 5.5 miles from where I live, so even if I did meet up with her, asked her out, and she said yes, it would probably be hard to make it work, I don't really know, but I just need some help on what I can do.