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    when I was 15 years old I came home and found my mom attempting suicide, she was a single mother. I watched as my mom was placed in psychiatric care for 3 months, I lived alone. I worked, I studied, and I did everything for myself. Not once in that time period did a single family member come to visit me. Not my dad, or my grandparents who live an hour away. The people who are supposed to care for me, I ended up caring for them. While I was in the hospital after my mom was waking up she told a room full of people that I was the reason. How did this happen? how am I the reason?

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    Re: Mom?

    Severe depression makes everything in life very difficult to handle. Even taking a breathe can be painful.

    Chances are, raising you and caring for you was her primary goal and it became just too difficult for her. Do not take this personally. It is the disease of Depression. It just means that she cares for you more than life itself and in her skewed reality of her perception of the world, raising you became too difficult.

    I'm sorry that your family abandoned you in your time of need. I've found this very common in all families, so don't feel that you are alone in this or take it too personally.

    Most of them could probably barely take care of themselves, let alone anyone else. This is one of the reasons why family members get angry when one of their own becomes ill, it's because they can't take care of them.

    Keep your head up and do realize you're in good company. Some of the most famous people we admire today have been through exactly what you're going through right now. You're very strong and will persevere through this.

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