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    her parent's spite

    me and my gf have been through a long distance relationship, 1 year so far.
    she's 4 year younger than me, and her parents absolutely mistreat her with insults, slaps and kicks. they easily fly into a rage for nothings.
    of course they prevent us from seeing each other and we have to sneak past their rules and obstacles to meet once in a while.

    when she will finish high school we mean to study at university together, but her parents have already planned to make her study in their city a course she's not interested in.

    I fear that they want to force her making decision but she firmly thinks to tell them to go to hell, i'm getting aware of the fact she relies on me for many things and the loneliness of her previous years had been dissipated since my arrival in her life.

    we have always been two loners and i know too well the weight of loneliness, i wouldn't accept it again in my life and let her down.

    i'm still studying now and my family is not rich.
    I feel that she will break up with her family but i have no way to keep her and allow her to study at university.

    What can i do to not ruin our lives? We cannot split up, it would be even worse than a life of expedients.

    I'd need a HUGE amount of money to keep us both till our first theoric employment date, and none of my skills can provide that. should i invest in scratch and wins?

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    Re: her parent's spite

    What is it going to be like when you two are married and have children? Are you both willing to cut her family off completely?

    Has she called the police about being physically abused? The big question, do you really love her or are you trying to save someone from their own problems?

    Perhaps your love goggles are on full strength. Little girls like to tell tales. Maybe her family isn't as bad as she says? Have you witnessed any abuse?

    If I were you, I'd rethink this whole scenario. If her parents do not want you seeing each other, I'd do them the honor of leaving their daughter alone. If you don't leave her alone, you're in for a very long battle.

    The one person anyone can really save is themselves.

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    Re: her parent's spite

    I don't have a lot to add, as Ivy said it all very well.

    It's noble, and sweet, that you want to give her a better life and support her through college. However, you'll be doing yourself and her a disservice by sacrificing furthering your education in an attempt to "save" her.

    Think long and hard before you made a decision. Your life is yours, live it that way.

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