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    Question How do I deal with this woman.

    I am livid right now.

    Recently got into a fight with one of the 'rents, and they said something along the lines of "I can be a bitch all I want because I feed you my money,"

    All my mom ever does is try to antagonize me. Last year, not a single day went by without her bitching about my grades. Even when my grades are slowly going up each week, she still whines about how low they are, how I'm not trying at all, and that I don't love her. Hello? The fact that they were going up meant that I was actually doing something, AND I'm only getting the grades for ME. Later in the year, she said she won't care if I miss a few assignments, as long as I have A's and B's. When we got into another argument that had nothing to do with school, she brought up my grades, AGAIN, and she bitches the assignments I missed. I tell her that I had an A or B in those classes I missed, bring up what she said previousy, and she yells at me and says I'm twisting her words. Uh, no I didn't? that's exactly what you said? Every time I get in an argument with that bat**** crazy woman, she keeps briniging up my grades, and I feel like she does that on purpose so she can win the argument in the end. Seriously, and even when school ended, she STILL wouldn't shut the **** up about my damn grades during the goddamn summer. SUMMER VACATION PEOPLE, SUMMER VACATION. Everytime that woman wants to start something with me, she starts it off with YELLING, and whenever I get pissed and yell back at her, she gets all hushed and says 'Why are you yelling I was only telling you calmly," Yeah right get a mirror. And when that woman keeps on trying to antagonize me, and I say keep saying something back, she slams her knuckles into the back of my head. Then when I ask her if she's trying to kill off my brain cells or something, she said that was suppose to increase my intelligence. That lady, I repeat, that lady went to medical school and was a nurse for two years.

    Later on, I heard her talk on the phone with one of her friends and she said, I **** you not, that she likes taking her anger out on my freaking scalp. I'm ****ing serious.

    Yesterday, I tried talking to her about me seeing a psychiatrist, and she said that she doesn't care.

    I always feel like my mom is only trying to have things her way. She even contradicts herself in some situations, and when I bring it up, she says I'm lying, and I'm pretty sure I'm spot on.

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    Re: How do I deal with this woman.


    I'd take her up on the psychiatrist part of your discussion. Once you're there, I would let the professional know about everything. It could be time for some family counseling, which will be a huge pill for your parents to swallow, but may be better coming from a professional.

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