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    Red face In love, too shy to talk to the girl. Please help!

    I have this friend I have a huge crush on. A couple of my friends and I are 95% sure she likes me. My friend actually had some friends (who were girls) who knew the girl I have a crush on actually go and help me (yes i'm that socially awkward). I am almost positive friend's friends told her I liked her. I think she likes me because otherwise why would she agree to do this and my friends think she seemed happy when my friend's friends old the girl I liked her. She is not in my class but we have the same recesses. Now let me get to the point. I'm still too shy to talk to this girl after my friends friends helped me yesterday! It's really frustrating but whenever I get up when I get within 20 feet of her i'm like shes too pretty and nice and awesome what if I get rejected what if she laughs at me what if- Well you get the point. My friends are all like just go up in talk to her. The problem is she's awesome and cool in every way and I am a shy person so it's even harder for me. Now, to make things worse, my friend has a daily conversation with her just to get me to talk to her eventually and make me jealous. Please don't say anything negative and help ASAP.

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    Re: In love, too shy to talk to the girl. Please help!

    Welcome to Lifesupporters, Monkeygamer! I promise you I won't say anything negative as that's not what I do!

    Speaking from a woman's point of view, women are more attracted to shyer men as opposed to some that come on too strong.

    If you can even try to go up to her, smile, say 'hello, nice day' or something casual, try to do so. Try not to rush yourself into a conversation, start small and once you start feeling comfortable, then go on from there with more conversation. I think when we are anxious about something, we try to overthink it and it gets us stiff, fearsome, and won't try. Small steps are the best.

    Also it's good to figure out why you are shy because it's usually because of something that has happened in the past to make one feel unworthy somehow. Someone may have said something to you that hurt you badly and that made you feel like you may be hurt yet again.

    Keep posting, we will help as much as possible. Though there aren't many members who post right now, those of us here will help as much as possible.
    Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.

    True love is wanting to give to another person without any thought about
    who’s getting the better of the deal.

    Love always creates, it never destroys. In this lie's man's only promise

    ~All quotes by Leo Buscaglia

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    Re: In love, too shy to talk to the girl. Please help!

    Hi Monkeygamer & welcome

    Just had a read of your post & I agree with Luba, take it in small steps. A simple smile or hello says a lot! Good to start with & it will give a positive impression. I always say (from a girls point of view) that it must be hard for guys to approach girls & make the first move so don't be too hard on yourself. It's a brave move & sounds like you're already on the right track & just need that little extra push.

    Also, try not to put yourself down by thinking you're not worthy of a pretty, nice & awesome girl. We're all worthy of good things & just think, she could be thinking the same about you. Never underestimate yourself Start with hello & take it from there

    Keep us posted! And best of luck!

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    Re: In love, too shy to talk to the girl. Please help!

    don't think about it, just do it, the longer you wait the harder it will be and the more the chances she says no are. Women like confidence, so be confident.

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    Re: In love, too shy to talk to the girl. Please help!

    Good Day Monkey Gamer!
    I absolutely agreed from all the comments above. First don’t rush it. Just stay cool. Take it slowly. And don’t plan it all, just be natural, go with the flow. And definitely agreed on darkangelism, the longer you wait the harder it will be. Be a man enough and tell her how you feel when she’s around. You’ll never know unless you try right? And according to you, you are 95% sure that she likes you, so why don’t make a move now? She’s probably waiting for you to confess. My point is, there is no harm in trying. Go get ‘em tiger!

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    Re: In love, too shy to talk to the girl. Please help!

    You have a big chance. Grab it. You are friends, the girl like you, her friends are on your side. She's waiting for your move bro. How will you her response if you gonna keep being shy. Just be yourself, the girl like you already, make her notice to more so she will completely fall for you. Goodluck

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    Re: In love, too shy to talk to the girl. Please help!

    Just start a conversation and talk to her. Just be yourself and have more self-esteem. You got a big chance and you should make a move. She likes you already so all you have to do is make her fall for you and make her feel that she's special. Good luck to you!

    Oh I just noticed while I'm writing my comment that it was a few months ago, I just hope you did well and you're together now.

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