I have this friend I have a huge crush on. A couple of my friends and I are 95% sure she likes me. My friend actually had some friends (who were girls) who knew the girl I have a crush on actually go and help me (yes i'm that socially awkward). I am almost positive friend's friends told her I liked her. I think she likes me because otherwise why would she agree to do this and my friends think she seemed happy when my friend's friends old the girl I liked her. She is not in my class but we have the same recesses. Now let me get to the point. I'm still too shy to talk to this girl after my friends friends helped me yesterday! It's really frustrating but whenever I get up when I get within 20 feet of her i'm like shes too pretty and nice and awesome what if I get rejected what if she laughs at me what if- Well you get the point. My friends are all like just go up in talk to her. The problem is she's awesome and cool in every way and I am a shy person so it's even harder for me. Now, to make things worse, my friend has a daily conversation with her just to get me to talk to her eventually and make me jealous. Please don't say anything negative and help ASAP.