Hello Guys! Yesterday, I got a chance to talk someone in a park while reading some blogs in my lappy, a 55 year old man with an alcohol issue (the funny thing is, I actually reading an article about facts on alcohol, What is Alcoholism/ when this man sited right next to me and suddenly open up his life). He shares some of his ups and downs lifestyle under the influence of alcohol. some of them are looks cool and promising but most of them are sad moments and memories he wish he did not experienced it at all. According to him, He started drinking booze at age 14. He dropped out of school at age 16 to join his friends; also droppies, to continue their everyday session of regular drinking alcohol on every pub they will cross by. Eventually, his parents grew tired of him and throw him out of house at age of 17. For a couple of months he stayed on his friends, continuing their heavy drinking sessions, but got them kicked out for some behavioral issues. He lived in street after street for years and has to beg money just to eat, but instead of food, he spent it for buying liquor. Until now, he still lives with alcohol problems. Heís happy when under the influence of alcohol, but when the night is dead, he canít fall a sleep thinking every night is the worst night ever.
I feel sorry to him. Ho I wish I can do something to lift him up on his quicksand. but at the same time, Iím so thankful enough because during my school days I didnít involve in any kind of heavy-drinking alcohol (I drink, but just occasionally, and besides I really donít like the taste and the smell of alcohol haha). Come to think of it, there are millions of people in this world who are addicted to booze; some of them are just teens. For those who want to pull their selves outside of this misery, it is not yet late to quit. Get help. Regain control of your LIFE! Thereís a lot of information out there on how to quit on your addiction.